The Adobe XD Team ( is visiting London and Berlin, to share insights on the development of XD and to empathize and record your feedback and wishes around XD.

We have limited space for this meeting so it would be great to learn a little bit more about you first:

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Imagine you'd be on the XD private prerelease program. How much time could you spend with providing feedback to the team? *

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Did you ever evaluate software from a testing role before? *

Potentially true, when:
• you've been part of a team developing product, where you provided structured feedback in terms of UX, performance or scope. Perhaps you've used a bugtracker in that role.
• you've been part of a Prerelease-Program and actively participated in surveys/forums etc.
• you are part of a(n open) standards workgroup
• you are an active contributor in the Open Source space, you forked half of GitHub and spend your night with submitting pull requests :)
Which Products, Tools, Standards, Projects did you work on in that role? *

Can't share the details? Cool! Instead of naming the product (e.g. "Photoshop"), please describe what that product has been about ("I've been part of a Prerelease-Program for a raster graphics editor")
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When designing or prototyping – please forget all existing tools for a moment – how would you describe your perfect workflow? From capturing your initial idea, to design, to user testing, to handoff:

Which tools are you using in production?













For how long have you been working in UXD?

Are you with a company currently? Freelancing?

How big is your team?

Where do you spend most of your daily work?

What is the most pressing pain point in your current workflow?

Which tools did you evaluate but decided to put down? And, why?

Thanks for being interested in joining in!

Bear with us while we are going through all responses. We'll be sending out tickets to the rather small group of invitees a week ahead of the event/s, on Feb 14. Watch your E-Mail!


Tuesday, February 21, 6:30pm

Thursday, February 23, 6:30pm

Thank you!